Hinged Shadow Boxes

Hinged Shadowbox project


  • Hinged shadow box 12”x12” & 11"x13" (Bci– 84 & Bci-82 )
  • My Minds Eye “All is bright” Ephemera Frames 12x12 paper
  • 12x12 metal sheet
  • Tim Holtz idea-o-logy curio knobs
  • Vinyl monogram 3” script
  • Crazy Tackz clear
  • Extra strong mini magnets (NHY/20)
  • Teresa Collins Vintage findings stickers, washi tape and embellishments
  • Burlap Fat quarter fabric
  • 16"x16" cork sheet (NST/141)
  • Double sided tape & Duck tape
  • Glue gun



12x12 Hinged Shadow Box:

  1. Start by opening the back of your frame and take out the foam.
  2. With fabric side facing, Glue your metal sheet to the front of your foam sheet using your glue gun.
  3. Then take double sided tape and roll over your metal sheet. Place paper over the top and press down to make it secure. Place back into frame.
  4. Using your glue gun, glue mini magnets to the back of your curio knobs. (make sure the screw is out)
  5. Then add your vinyl monogram and photos using your magnets. 


11x13 Hinged Shadow Box:

  1. Start with opening the back of your frame and take out the foam piece.
  2. Cut your cork 11x13 this should make it a little smaller than your foam backing.
  3. Peel off sticky side of the cork and place it centered on to your foam.
  4. Using double sided tape out line your cork then lay your fabric over the top.
  5. Pull fabric to the back, trim and tape down with duck tape.
  6. Take your washi tape and line the bottom using each pattern. Then place backing into frame and close up.
  7. Add your crazy tackz and Teresa Collins #’s and embellishments.


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