Quick Links Necklace and Earrings Project

Shopping List

  • 1 package Beadalons’ Large Hammered Circle Quick Links
  • 1 package Beadalons’ Medium Hammered Circle Quick Links
  • 1 package Beadalons’ Medium Oval Hammered Quick Links
  • 1 package Beadalons’ Small Oval Hammered Quick Links
  • 1 package Beadalons’ Designer Round Link Chain
  • 1 package Quick Link Connectors large
  • 17 eye pins 3” long
  • 1 (14x7mm) EZ-Lobster Clasp
  • 16 large flat oval and round beads
  • 22-30 med-small round or heishi shaped beads
  • 8-36 tiny 3mm beads

Additional supplies for earrings:

  • One set of lever back findings
  • 4- (6mm) jump rings

 General Supplies:

  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers 
Quick Links Jewelry 

Directions for Quick Link Earrings

  1. You will need 2 large hammered circles, 2 medium hammered circles,  2 small hammered ovals, 6 large connector links, 2 medium sized beads, 2 head pins, 4 jump rings and the two lever back ear findings.  Begin by connecting each large circle to a medium circle using large connector links.  Attach the small oval links to the medium circle in the same way.
  2. Slide one medium sized bead (aprox. 8mm) onto each head pin and turn an eye loop at the top.  Attach an additional connector link to each of the large hammered links, then attach the beaded head pin, to that connector with a 6mm jump ring, use another jump ring to attach lever back ear findings to opposite side of the connector.

 Directions for Quick Link Necklace

  1. Begin by loading 16 eye pins with beads. Each link should be between 1’ and 1 ½” long, and should have a large bead with a couple of medium sized or tiny beads at each end.  Turn eye loop to lock beads onto eye pin. (whether the beaded eye pins are all the same or all different is up to you, it looks nice both ways)
  2. Cut eight pieces of three links each, of the Designer Chain.
  3. Lay out pattern on table and connect to hammered pieces using the Quick Links large connectors:  Lobster Clasp, beaded eye pin, piece of chain, beaded eye pin, hammered link, beaded eye pin, piece of chain, and so on, until you have used all of your pieces.  Lobster Clasp should attach to a hammered link at the end.

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